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area\'s \'comfortable vibe\' adds to bridgeland hill\'s draw

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-19
She likes Bridgeland\'s restaurants and coffee shops and calls herself \"diners girls with equal opportunities \".
\"From Meal Sharing to omelet with tomatoes and basil and even jam --she was hooked.
\"That\'s how I started going there,\" Bennett said . \".
From there, she saw many of the benefits of Bridgeland\'s life.
As she walks into the market to find a new home, the comfort Reserve community north of Edmonton Trail east and Memorial Drive is a natural place.
She bought a bedroom and study corner unit at the stylish Bridgeland Hill GableCraft home.
\"It has a coffee shop that makes it easy to get to the river and people have been trying to bring in more and make it a great community,\" said Bennett . \".
\"It\'s very close to the city center, which is great for me.
\"She works for an oil and gas company in Claire, a fast-driving or transit trip.
\"For a lot of people, this is just a community that is very suitable to live in,\" added Bennett . \".
Bridgeland mountain 101-
736 1st Street is developing units under construction. N. E.
40 cents now.
The first project of the development project is scheduled for the summer of 2016.
GableCraft also sells townhouses in the Sherwood community in northwestern Calgary and in the villas of Airdrie.
This is not GableCraft\'s first adventure in Bridgeland, but also the construction of Bridgeland crossing I and II.
\"Obviously, GableCraft loves Bridgeland very much,\" said Tiffany Ardolino, sales and marketing manager at the company . \".
She said, more
Home builders have nearly 400 units under development in the community.
\"I think Bridgeland is so special because it has a comfortable atmosphere with wonderful historical roots, but it has been completely re-established in recent years
Restaurants, coffee shops, professional services, boutiques, yoga and cross
\"It\'s for the studio,\" Ardolino said . \".
\"Through the river from the city center, it can be reached on foot --
You are connected, but enough distance to relax at the end of the day.
\"Bennett\'s most prominent point is the value she sees at Bridgeland Mountain.
The developed junior one-bedroom apartment starts at $249,900, the standard one-bedroom apartment starts at $269,900, and the entry-level price for the two-bedroom apartment is $349,900.
\"It was rolled out on a budget basis and it was great,\" said Bennett . \".
\"The economy was like it soon after I bought it, and I thought, \'No, I still feel good about it. Bennett\'s 633-square-
Walking apartment overlooking 2,000-square-
Walking view courtyard.
The floor plan effectively makes use of its space, she said.
This is a walk-in closet.
\"A smaller suite, but with a large closet, I think that\'s exactly what I need,\" Bennett added . \".
\"I now have a two bedroom, basically the second one I took over with my clothes and shoes.
\"The apartment in Bridgeland Hill has 20 floor plans to choose from, ranging from 577 to 1,088 square feet.
They have two color palettes called blonde teak (light)
And teak Silver (dark).
Kitchen Square
Teak or high gloss cabinet, polished Square-
Edge quartz chip counter, Moen polished chrome fixture, under LED
Cabinet lighting and convenient USB socket.
In addition, stainless steel appliances and Jacuzzi
Inch gas stove.
The bathroom comes with a tile floor, a rectangular Duval mounting sink, a polished chrome accessory from the dommor, and large-format tiles in the en-suite shower.
\"And the value comes from --
The private fitness facility, bicycle room, personal storage unit and the above courtyard are noted by Ardolino.
\"I love fitness facilities because I work in the office and find it increasingly important to stay active, especially as I get older,\" said Bennett . \".
\"Having an option that is only a few steps away from my front door is very appealing, especially in the cold winter.
I also have a gym at work, but it\'s good to have a choice.
\"Development has also won a containment point.
A popular comment from buyers, Ardolino says, is \"they love the look of the building,\" and \"because of the slope of the site, it has a very interesting design that combines large windows, plenty of natural light is allowed and an excellent view is promoted.
Project: Mountain Bridge.
Construction worker: GableCraft home.
Price: The price of the junior one-bedroom apartment starts at $249,900.
Business hours: open to the sales center and exhibition suites from noon to 6 pm. m.
Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m.
Weekends and holidays
Message: Bridgeland HillGablecrafthomes.
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