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apple\'s new 2015 macbook usb port will make it much harder to borrow a friend\'s charger

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-05
Apple will launch a new MacBook next month with a new charger-which could make any old model and USB cable obsolete.
Almost nothing to reduce their design, the current MagSafe charging port has been changed to capsule-shaped USB-C.
Except for the headphone jack on the right-
On the one hand, there are no other ports on the new laptop.
The new port will be able to charge, transfer data and output video.
It is expected that the MacBook and connected devices will charge much faster than the USB connection.
However, if you do not buy USB, there is no way to complete these three tasks at the same time. C adapter. Bog-
Standard USB cables for cameras, external hard drives, memory sticks, and camera SD card readers must all be assigned extra expensive adapters, with prices ranging from £ 15 to £ 40 per adapter.
In order to adapt to the new 13, the design has changed.
The 1mm thick laptop is packaged in a spoof by university Humour duo.
\"Of course, power --
The charging port we replaced for no reason.
\"University humorist Jack Hurvitz, dressed as Apple CEO Tim Cook, said:\" The new MacBook charger is exactly the same as the old charger.
The only difference is that you can\'t borrow friends when you forget your friends.
\"Instead, you ask,\" Do you have a new Macbook charger? \'?
They say, \"I have something new, but nothing new . \"” The USB-
C port is slightly larger than a micro
There is USB on the phone and camera.
It is also reversible, so the cable can be inserted anywhere.
Thunderbolt ports were completely removed from this MacBook design.
The MacBook was released on April 10.
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