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apple\'s new 12-inch macbook: a great device gets better

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-25
Apple is probably the best ultra-portable laptop in the world.
So there\'s nothing to change.
I used the first one all the time. generation 2-pound 12-
The inch Retina MacBook, released in last April, has been released regularly for the past six months.
So when I get the second one
The 2016 generation version, I would love to see what has changed.
It\'s faster on paper: Apple updated the inside with the new Intel \"Skylake\" 6-generation Core m3 and m5 processors.
Apple claims that graphics performance is \"25% faster\" and flash memory is faster. (
For those tracking Intel\'s latest technology, Skylake is a new chip design based on chips. maker’s 14-
Nano manufacturing process. )
Reality: Based on my own minimal test, the Los Angeles Police Department can also unlock the iphone without the help of Apple
The new MacBook costs $1,299, with 1.
1 GHz m3 chip, it is in 10-
15% faster than the original 12-
1 inch MacBook with old 5 generation. 1GHz processor.
Did I notice the speed difference? Nope.
But that doesn\'t mean it\'s slow.
I used Core i5 too-based 13-
Inch MacBook Pro Retina based on daily work-
What I do, the new 12-
The Inch MacBook can keep up with the MacBook Pro in many tasks.
Battery life: Apple says it squeezed out another hour of battery life.
In any case, it can last for 10 hours while browsing the web page.
However, this assumes that you turn the backlight of the retina display down to about 75% or less and do light work.
I find that if I enlarge the brightness (which I prefer)
Battery life dropped rapidly.
Do any heavy work, such as Photoshop or video editing, and you\'ll fall into the battery red area faster than you think.
Design and weight: physical design is the same, thank God.
This is a beautiful laptop.
In addition to the name, this is the new MacBook Air.
The aging MacBook Air is now the penultimate practice of minimalism, 12-
Ultimate inch MacBook.
Minimalism translates into lightweight design.
I like it because it is as light as an iPad.
Oh, the image quality of the retina display is up to Apple\'s high standards.
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Keyboard: the keyboard remains the same.
Not everyone goes to the keyboard because it has very little travel-which means the keys can be stiff.
I love the keyboard and don\'t think the typing experience is too hard for the fingers, but the lack of travel can be a deal --
Some people vandals.
Pursue perfection, but not so.
C problem: I found a small USB-
The C connector on the MacBook is not perfect enough.
First of all, this is not the magic MagSafe connector that my MacBook Pro has.
It\'s just a normal USB-C connector.
So pull out the charging cable from USB
The C connector can sometimes be tug-of-war.
Maybe that\'s the price you have to pay for minimalism.
I can bear it.
But composite with another USB-C-
Related issues and new connectors are not easy to use.
The problem is focused on Apple\'s USB-
Digital AV multi-port adapter ($79). The 3-
The port adapter allows you to use a single USB-
The C port on the MacBook connects the charging cable, another external USB device, and an HDMI display at the same time.
Unfortunately, when connected via HDMI, when plugged in the Apple adapter on the 2016 MacBook, my monitor does not power off and goes to sleep.
Related reports: experts ironically say that Apple\'s iPad Pro is beating Microsoft\'s Surface Pro 4 when connected to a non-Apple USB-C Adapter.
By the way, when connecting to the HDMI port on my MacBook Pro, the monitor also works fine.
Price: in addition to the $1,299 version, I also tested a 256 GB flash drive, a slightly faster 512 GB version.
The 2 GHz m5 processor costs $1,599.
Retailers like Best Buy are still selling the first batch
A new generation version of $999.
All in all, a great laptop.
Before I give it up, you have to pry it off my cold hands.
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