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Ankaka Releases USB Foot-Switching Control Keyboard

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-29
Control You Keyboard By Your Foot Do you have ever thought of controlling your keyboard with your foot? Now a day, you are capable of doing this with your foot. This amazing equipment is made of high- quality plastics and metals, which will give you a different gaming experience. No driver is required for this keyboard. You can just plug in and start playing your favorite games. While playing in normal keyboard, we use only our hands. However, on this multi-functional keyboard, you can use both your hands and legs. If your job is computer based, this keyboard will help you to acquire more efficiency and high speed. You can connect this superb device with more than one plugs of your computer. It is very easy to use. It will prove more beneficial to those peoples, who are physically disabled. If their hand is not working, they can use their legs to operate the computer. Similarly, if their leg is disabled, they can use their hands as well. We all are fond of racing games. You can easily beat your friend by the swift control of your legs by using this extra -ordinary keyboard. The gamers will appreciate this pedal keyboard. Gamers spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Therefore, their wrist has to take a lot of stress while their foot is relaxed. Now, they are able to lessen the load on their wrist with this keyboard and it will increase their efficiency as well. This amazingly swift keyboard is good for factory test and instrument control. To reduce the pressure on the wrist this is good equipment. You will get maximum comfort while using it as it has multiple foot switches. There is a built-in HID driver in it. Therefore, you will not require any additional driver to operate this gamer's keyboard. It has the dimension of 10*6*3.7 cm. You have to take an USB cable from your PC and plug it in this foot- controlled keyboard. The length of the USB cable is 198cm and you can comfortably fit it in front of your legs. Do not get worried about the strength of this product. It is made of metals and plastic and therefore, highly durable. You can apply huge force in it but there will be no harm to it. You can use this special keyboard with any kind of PC such as Linux, vista, XP, windows 7 etc. However, it does not support the MAC snow leopard version. Already, it has acquired huge reputations in the market, especially to the gamers. This is a light element to carry. Therefore, you can carry your favorite pedal keyboard to your friend's house and play there with your friend. The front sight of this product is a bit higher than the back sight. Therefore, you can place your legs easily on it. It is only available in black color. You will get an instruction in English to use it and maintain it properly. Buy this and enjoy playing today. To find out more information on Ankaka's line of Wholesale USB Accessories check out this link: http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-usb-accessories_c10071
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