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An Overview Of The Music Attributes Of The Outstanding

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-30
The HHTC One X was the star of the show at this year's MWC show in Barcelona where a number of smartphone and tablet manufacturers converged to show off their flagship devices for 2012. The handset offers a wealth of impressive features, but in this article I will focus on its credentials as a music device. Beats Audio Arguably the most impressive music related feature of the HTC One X is the integration of the renowned Beats Audio technology. This is the same kit as found in the sought after Beats headsets which are fast replacing the iconic white iPod headsets for those who are into their gadgets. These are renowned for their nearly unrivalled sound quality, and this is also the case with the phone itself. This feature alone puts the HTC One X up there as one of the best music plying phones out there, along with its stablemates the Sensation XE and Sensation XL. Storage Obviously, a smartphone can have all the music tech and features in the world but would be ineffective without sufficient storage for your music files. Unusually for an Android powered HTC smartphone, there is no micro SD card slot. This is somewhat offset however, by 32 GB of onboard storage. This is where your music tracks and other files like photos, videos and photos will be stored along with apps from Google Play (the recently rebranded Android Market) and saved data like your contacts and calendar entries. To get an idea of how many music tracks you could potentially store on the phone, let's say the average 4 minute music track takes up 10MB of data; with 32GB of storage you could comfortably store around 2000 songs with room left for other file types. Music Widgets The HTC One X comes with the HTC Sense UI which provides its default music player widget. This is essentially and app with basic controls which can be used from the homescreen. You then simply tap the app interface to open it fully where you can then carry out any functions of a music player on a computer like Windows Media Player or iTunes. There are numerous alternative widgets available besides the standard one, available from HTC Hub and Google Play. In order to transfer music from your computer onto the phone (or any other files for that matter) it is simply a case of connecting the two using the supplied micro USB cable. Then simply locate you music folder and open the phone's music folder on the desktop, and simply drag and drop the music you wish to transfer. When you do this, all relevant data will be transferred such as song titles, album title, artist info and alum art etc, all of which will be displayed on the phone. The HTC One X is capable of performing the same tasks and many other smartphones, but with the addition of Beats Audio and the slick new Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system it does it with a bit more flair. The availability of downloadable music widgets and customisable homescreens makes this one of the top phones available for music lovers.
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