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An Innovation in Industrial Radio Remote Control

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-30
Industrial Radio Remote Control technology has created a revolution in the world of engineering. By using the automated devices the industrial machines are controlled quite smoothly and more safely. However, the wireless industrial systems of today are more advanced than the traditional remotes. Today's remote controls are widely used in much more complex fields like process control systems, industrial petroleum sectors, hydraulic controls, and many more. Today's wireless industrial remotes are much more popular than the previous ones. Actually the radio remote controls enable the operators to move freely around the machines. The portable transmitting units of the machines don't need to be connected with the cables. As a result the operator can stay at the safe distance from the gigantic machines. The operator can actually remain at a position that is more suitable in order to control the machine movements. The industrial radio remotes used in the process controls or in industrial petroleum sectors are included with a specific transmission telegram that is generally programmed by the manufacturers individually. You cannot modify the transmitter program as it is in built in the remote controls. However, you can also design a wireless radio control according to your own needs by contacting the manufacturers personally. Generally the transmitter using in these wireless controllers can only react with its own receiving unit. It cannot be controlled by any other radio remote controllers. However, the operator can program the operating frequency and they also can modify it within a range of varied frequencies. By doing this, the operator can work close to any other wireless controlled machines without facing any problem of reciprocal radio interference. Actually these wireless devices are designed for interference free control. They are included with the frequency hopping technology that enables the system to be controlled more safely without any interference. During any little loss of signal the device can shut down the whole machine without allowing any further disturbance in the system. Depending on the system and its need, the radio controllers can be different; however, the main technological parts of these devices are somehow remained same. Each of the wireless industrial controllers has two main parts, a portable Transmitting Unit and a Receiving Unit. The transmitting unit is used to communicate with the receiving unit by using the command devices such as pushbuttons, industrial joysticks, etc. The receiving unit is generally connected to the machine that is needed to be controlled. This unit decodes the digital data sequences and it can transform the data into the electric impulses. The operator generally sends the command by using the portable transmitting unit. The command generally stands for the individual instructions which must be given to the machine in order to carry out a single movement or task. These remotes are very easy to install and handle. Most of these devices can be controlled by normal 12/24 VDC battery. The battery can be charged up by 12/24 VDC charger. Normally the charger is supplied by the manufacturers. Most of the manufacturers also offer 1 year or 2 year warranty with their radio remote control products.
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