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amazon fire tv stick 4k review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-13
It takes time, but it makes sense now to have a 4 k hdr TV and the hardware that uses it.
There are a lot of super
Now with high-definition and HDR content, having the right TV is the first step to getting a better home viewing experience.
But there\'s more to be done once you have TV.
If you have a smart TV, you will most likely already have access to what you want.
But if you don\'t like the intelligence in smart TV, or your TV is not smart at all, the easiest way is to access high
High resolution, high
High quality content is via streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k we reviewed here. Priced at Rs.
5,999, Fire TV Stick 4 k is the latest in the Amazon Fire TV series products, and it is also a higher price of the two Fire TV products that can be bought in India.
As the name suggests, this device brings 4 k streaming to your TV, but it still has a lot of stuff that we will discuss in the comments.
The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k is not big and looks normal.
This is the focus of this equipment;
It should be plugged into the back of your TV and can\'t be seen most of the time in your work life.
The device is plain, black, a bit bulky, with an Amazon logo on the top, an HDMI port on the front and a miniature
USB port for side power supply.
Its size may mean that it is not easy to plug in HDMI ports on some TVs, but Amazon has added an HDMI extender to the sales package to fix the problem.
There is also a USB type in the box --A to Micro-
USB cable, power wall adapter and Alexa voice remote control that controls 4 k Fire TV stick.
If your TV has a USB port, enough power supply can be provided for the fire-fighting TV stick 4 k, you do not need to use the wall adapter.
The device has 8 gb of in-app storagecore 1.
7 GHz CPU, Bluetooth 5.
In contrast, the normal Fire TV stick does not support 4 k resolution, and HDR and Dolby Atmos use Bluetooth 4.
1, a little lowerclocked 1. 3GHz CPU.
On more affordable devices, however, the interface is the same as the app, and the Fire TV Stick 4 k only gives you the advantage of streaming 4 k and HDR content.
Bluetooth is used to connect to the remote control (
Because there may not be a lineof-
4 K) line of sight between remote control and Fire TV Stick
Wireless speakers can also be connected to a streaming device.
The device supports video streaming up to 4 k resolution (
3840x2160 pixels)
, And popular HDR formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG, and HDR10.
Alexa voice remote control is sold by Rs itself.
1,999, but the Amazon Fire TV stick 4 k included this in the box.
The shape of the remote control matches the shape of the Fire TV stick 4 k itself, with the same color and texture.
It is compact, stylish, well constructed and feels good with keys.
Powered by two standard AAA batteries (
Also included in the sales package).
There are several play, navigation, volume and power buttons on the remote control, and a voice button and a microphone at the top for voice commands.
If compatible, the remote control also has an infrared transmitter that can communicate with the TV.
It is easy to pair with the Philips 55PUT6103 TV we used for this review to control the power and volume on the TV as well as navigation and playback on the Amazon Fire TV stick 4 k.
When used to control the power supply, it also switches to the HDMI port used by the 4 k fire-fighting TV stick on the TV.
This is a particularly useful feature because when using the Fire TV Stick 4 k as the content source for the TV, it does not need to use two remote controls.
Voice commands work through Alexa on a Fire TV stick.
You can speak directly to the remote control and it will be easier to navigate and discover content if you know what you are looking.
If you use it to access content from Amazon services such as Prime Video or Prime Music, the voice command can take you directly to the Video or track.
The device uses your viewing history to determine what episodes you need to watch if you want to watch a TV series.
You can also search within a specific domain with commands such as \"show me 4 k movies\" or \"find comedians\", but only Amazon content can see the best results.
Our favorite is the ability to use Amazon Prime Music to play audio tracks directly through Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k.
If you want to use Alexa in most other apps, the experience is not great.
Searching in Netflix or other streaming services is not possible, and our voice commands can only load applications at most.
At other times it will prompt us to download the app or display similar or recommended search results from Amazon Prime Video.
In general, we find it easier to navigate and get content using the direction button, but voice commands are a great way to search for specific content or music, if you\'re looking for something that Amazon streaming services can offer, this is better than typing in your search query.
Typically, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k has a tiled interface that displays a variety of TV shows and movies as posters, allowing you to hover over each tile for more details.
Horizontal lists sort tiles by category, which include not only content, but also applications and services.
You will see suggestions and existing applications, as well as other applications that may not have been installed.
However, the Fire TV Stick 4 k does promote Amazon content more than anything else.
The interface looks great, divided into home, movies, TV shows, apps and settings, but it\'s easier to find specific content through the search feature.
Also, for all titles that can be streamed 4 k or have subtitles available, the content is marked with UHD and CC badges.
It is worth mentioning that most of the 4 k movies are Amazon original series, but ultra-
The same is true for HD resolution on Amazon Prime Video.
Other typical features seen on Amazon Prime Video, such as X-
Ray and the ability to browse video quickly also exist.
Perhaps the only problem with the interface is the suggestions that are too \"random\", not really intuitive and not learning from your viewing habits.
We \'ve been using Amazon Prime Video for a while and the system has a lot of viewing history to use, but the suggestions to us still contain a lot of regional content in languages we don\'t even understand.
There are a lot of options for users who focus on Amazon Prime Video and Prime music content.
Streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Hungama Play, Sony Liv, Gaana, and Voot all have dedicated applications.
In addition, apps such as Firefox, Silk browser, NDTV, BBC and Washington Post also provide you with additional features to browse web pages and get short topics
Live streaming of regular TV channels based on video, or in some cases.
Only via Amazon Prime Video and Netflix (
Let\'s say your Netflix plan supports 4 k. for now.
There is no proper YouTube app;
One that can be found as a Web browser for getting YouTube videos optimized for watching TV.
This is a functional workaround, but what we get here is significantly different from the availability of a suitable app found on Android TV or Samsung Smart TV platform.
It also limits the resolution to full-
HD with standard dynamic range, so you can\'t watch 4 k and 4 k HDR videos at full resolution on Amazon Fire TV stick 4 k.
The setup menu gives you considerable control over the 4 k of Amazon Fire TV stick, including setting up Wi-
Connection to the Fi network and saved, data control, streaming resolution, parental control, privacy settings, and Bluetooth devices that control pairing.
It\'s best to keep the streaming media resolution in an \"auto\" state, as this allows the Fire TV Stick 4 k to set the resolution based on your internet connection speed, allowing a smooth stream, rather than the possibility of a continuous buffer interrupt.
The viewing experience and the quality of the pictures depend to a large extent on the TV you use, but the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k works.
Let\'s say you have a fast internet connection.
15 Mpbs above 4 K, 8 Mbps above 1080 p
You will get a clean feed from the 4 K fire-fighting TV stick, which will produce a clear, clean and enjoyable photo.
We used the Amazon Fire TV stick on the Philips 55PUT6103 TV, which has a 4 k screen and supports HDR content.
Amazon\'s original 4 k content was excellent in quality and the Fire TV Stick 4 k was able to deliver it well to our TV.
We watched the Grand Tour and the wonderful lady.
Maisel on 4 k HDR, and many other HD or full HD shows and videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and YoutubeHD resolutions.
No matter what we use, the hardware works well and there is no serious problem.
When watching Super
HD content, the device will only be able to transmit at the highest resolution if the Internet connection speed is over 15 Mbps.
Fire-fighting TV stick 4 k will automatically switch to lower resolution if your speed drops to make sure the buff
Free streaming, which greatly enhances the viewing experience due to the disruption caused by buffering.
While we can see the difference when the picture quality drops from 4 k to 1080 p or 720 p, even at lower resolution, the picture is basically consistent and good.
However, picture quality is not acceptable when we encounter an Internet failure and the stream drops below HD.
At these times we have to wait until the connection is restored because it\'s hard to keep watching videos with low granularity
Resolution stream.
However, there is a good big
Screen TV and fast internet connection, you won\'t be disappointed with the performance of Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k.
HDR will automatically trigger when using Fire TV Stick 4 k on a compatible TV.
It can also work independently of 4 k.
So you can watch HDR content even at 720 p or 1080 p resolution, but when we are in Ultra-HD resolution.
A big advantage of Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k over Google Chromecast is that it runs independently, not as a bridge between smartphones and televisions.
Fire TV Stick 4 k because its remote control is easy to set up and handle, you can also use it if you have an Amazon Echo speaker at home.
In our view, verdict Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k is the best streaming device today.
While some may argue that Apple TV and Apple TV 4 k are better than Amazon, the cost of these devices is also much higher.
Its asking price is rupee.
5,999, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k is definitely worth it.
Some of the features of Fire TV Stick 4 k may be considered gimmicks, and the focus on Amazon Prime videos and their spotty suggestions is a bit irritating, but these things are easily fixed.
Nevertheless, due to the lack of a proper YouTube app, this device is not suitable for anyone who relies on YouTube as a primary source of content.
However, what you get is a simpleto-
Using interfaces with many wells
Designed applications, good remote, decent performance, and hardware features give you access to 4 k and HDR video content.
If you don\'t have a 4 k TV, it might make sense to choose a normal Amazon Fire TV stick, or even Google Chromecast 3.
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