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akg adds audiophile wireless performance to its noise cancelling travel headphones

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-09
I reviewed the excellent AKG N60nc noise last year
Cancel headphones
They are impressive, but one big drawback is that they are not Wireless.
Well, I\'m happy to say that AKG solved this criticism by launching the wireless Bluetooth version.
The drive unit and design are almost the same as the wired version of the N60nc, but there are some subtle changes.
Charge the built-in device
In a battery that powers noise
The cancellation circuit and Bluetooth receiver are now done via a micro USB port instead of AKG proprietary 2. 5mm power cable.
It\'s really convenient because replacing the micro USB cable is easier to lose than AKG\'s own dedicated cable.
If your battery runs out or doesn\'t want to use wireless for some reason, it also includes a normal listening cable. Noise-
By sampling the ambient noise and then subtracting it from the music signal, thus greatly shielding external noise such as traffic, aircraft engines or railway tracks, thus canceling the work of the headset, leave you a clearer voice.
Noise when using these headphones wirelessly-
Cancel function is automatically turned on.
You can\'t actually turn it off.
If you use headphones wirelessly in a very quiet room that doesn\'t require noise, it can be a bit annoying --cancellation.
If you want to use these headphones without noise
The cancel function simply uses the cable provided and connects to the headphone jack of the smartphone, then you can choose to cancel the noise.
AKG N60nc wireless does a great job in sound.
There are a lot of bass and detail packs in the register above.
It took me hours to listen to the wonderful American song album by Ella fitzard, and I really like the way these headphones express music --
A rhythmic performance
The quality of these headphones is second to none. The ear-
Full and comfortable cushion;
They sit on your ears instead of completely covering your ears like the Bose QC35 headphones.
Even better, these headphones are very small to fold and can be placed in the travel bag provided;
An air cable adapter was even added to the box. A 1. 2m tangle-
The free fiber optic cable is provided with a Micro USB charging lead for charging the battery.
Fully charged batteries provide up to 15 hours of wireless and noise-
Cancellation of use between charges.
If you choose to use the headset in cable mode with noise elimination, you will get up to 30 hours of use between charges.
If your juice is running out, then you can continue listening in passive mode using the cable provided.
Volume, skip tracks, pause music, turn on Bluetooth or turn off all the controls needed for noise-
Cancel on the right side when in cable mode-hand ear-cup.
There\'s also a microphone in the ear.
Cups so you can make or answer calls on your smartphone when you touch the button.
Bluetooth pairing is simple, but it is worth noting that these headphones do not support NFC pairing.
On the positive side, apt-
The X and AAC lossless codecs are ideal for Android and iOS users.
If you want a small pair of wireless noise
Cancel top headphones
With excellent audio performance, AKG N60nc wireless is your ideal choice.
Reasonable price, durable, small and light, suitable for travel.
These are great headphones and the Bose QC35 is very cost effective due to their support for apt
X and AAC, which makes them a natural choice for people who care about the quality of music reproduction.
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