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airport security: tips on keeping your electronics charged

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-06
Air passengers who cannot display the laptop and mobile phone with electricity will be denied boarding under newly enhanced conditions
Security check.
British Airways said today that passengers flying to the United States may be asked to turn on any electronic device or battery
Power supply equipment such as telephone, tablet computer and electronic equipment
The books and laptops in front of the security team and/or the function of displaying items \".
It warns that pilots who cannot prove their equipment is capable will not be allowed to continue their journey as planned.
A ba spokesperson said: \"We are considering arranging for you and your equipment to travel on different flights, or you can travel with your equipment on later flights, the premise is that the device was charged at that time.
\"With the use of airport charging stations according to the new security check, you can expect these charging stations to be busy.
British Airways says the airport will have very limited facilities to charge for electronic products.
Nevertheless, emergency power supplies are available in some airline lounges and public lounges.
At Heathrow, for example, it has 4,500 public USB and power outlets around its 5 terminals.
They are free to use.
You will find coins
Operate charging points at Gatwick, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.
Download the ChargeBox app before leaving home.
Power your phone easily-
There are a lot of things you can do to help your phone in terms of saving battery power.
It\'s a good idea to turn off the auto brightness mode and turn down the screen brightness.
For example, in Android, you will find it under Settings> Display> Brightness.
4g can also be turned off, or data services can be turned off completely (
On the iPhone, for example, you will find that under Settings> move.
Every time your phone contacts you, it\'s using precious juice and don\'t let your phone pester you.
Close all email, tweets, Facebook and other app notifications (
On iPhone, under Settings> Notification Center).
Or simply delete all of these apps: you can reinstall them when you log in.
On your iPhone, you can stop \"pushing\" emails to your phone under \"Settings\"> \"mail\"> \"get new data. Turn off Wi-
Fi and Bluetooth can stop the scan connection of the phone. In an ultra-
In case of an emergency with insufficient battery power, you should immediately switch your phone to airplane mode.
Connect the portable charging cable to the key ring, and if you have a USB charging cable in your pocket, don\'t worry about finding the cable buried in the bag or box.
New Nomad Key (
$29 from hellonomad. com)
It is only 7 cm long and clip to the key ring.
Apple Lightning and micro USB versions for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry and tablets.
It can be used for pre-order now.
Turn off or remove the hungry app activity tracker and GPS-
The enabled app can run out of power and should be disabled or uninstalled-
Or close the location service at least (
On Android devices, under Settings> Location).
Do not use the camera of the mobile phone, especially the camera.
Don\'t watch movies, don\'t watch YouTube, or even broadcast.
In fact, nothing.
In general, using a phone as a phone, not anything else, saves battery power.
On Android devices, you can learn which apps are running out of battery by looking at the list in Settings> batteries.
On the iPhone, you can refresh by disabling the background app (
Under Settings> General).
Carry a portable charging pack with you£89; from amazon. co. uk)is a 9cm-
Rechargeable power supply group with 3-in-
1 accessory for USB and Apple connector.
It stores an emergency power supply of 6,800 mAh, enough to charge 5 or 6 devices.
You can also charge two phones.
Or phones and tablets. simultaneously.
Of course, you also need to remember to keep your wallet charged. . . Carry a wind-
Start the power supply in a real emergency, a little old
There may be old-fashioned elbow grease to rescue. The Uni-Com Wind-
Torch and charger (
10 outside Cotswold. com)
Will inject enough power into your phone to get you through airport security.
Check if your phone\'s charging socket also has a compatible adapter.
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