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Air Phone No.4 Wifi 3.5 Inch Touch Screen Phone

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-31
I got an Airphone No.4 wifi phone from shopono.com for Five weeks; this is my brief review about this phone, But pls note, this is not an iphone. There are two colors to choose, and the size is 115x59x10mm, it is a multi-language phone; overall this is a good phone for the money 'Five Stars'. My brief review of the Air Phone NO.4 based on 5 weeks of use on the AT&T network. Good: 1. The air phone 4 works great on AT&T. Very clear voice on both side of the call. 2. Sturdy construction. Back panel locks securely in place. 3. Resistive touch screen on this phone is very good, better than the i68 4g. 4. Friends find it hard to tell apart, even when holding them side by side. 5. Java apps are very easy to install, although good java apps are hard to find for touch screen phones. 6. Camera picture quality is good for 4x6 pictures. Picture gallery is based on thumb nail pictures that you touch to open. 7. Wi-Fi works very well, finds networks easily. 8. Importing phone from smart chip/SIM card works great, Very easy to import your old phonebook. 9. iPhone 4 silicone skins fit well, but not perfect fit. 10. Battery life is good, can last up to two days with one charge for just making or receiving quick calls. If you use Wi-Fi or GSM internet you'll need to charge it a lot. That means you'll need to have the extra battery charged or take the usb charger along with you. 11. Glass Touch Screen, I do not know how to verify if this claim is true. 12. Word recognition on the key pad works very well. Needs Improvement: 1. Air Phone NO.4 does not have a gravity or orientation sensor, therefore no compass app or any phone app that changes to a wide screen format. If you do a lot of texting you can forget it. The key pad is too small for quick typing. 2. No zoom-in feature for pictures, at least I could not find it. 3. Key pad too small. Key pad numbers need to be bigger. The i68 4g or Pinphone has a much better key pad design. 4. Speed dial most of the time does not work well, even when settings are correct. The following is the brief specifications for this hot Airphone No.4, Here is the more detail: http://www.shopono.com/products/Airphone-NO.4-Dual-Cards-with-Wifi-Java-3.5-inch-Touch-Screen-Cell-Phone-.html
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