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Advantages of the Belkin USB Charger

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-31
The Belkin USB Charger conveniently comes in the same package as a mini surge protector. Thus, the appliance is a combined Belkin mini surge protector with a USB Charger. It works to provide you with additional power outlets especially in hotel rooms and other places when you are travelling. At the same time, it makes it possible to charge USB powered items. These include mp3 players, mobile phones and so on. However, the USB outlets on the Belkin USB Charger are not used USB hub since they do not under any circumstances transmit any data. They are only intended to be used for charging any device which can be charged through a USB interface. This charger is light in weight and relatively small in size. As such, you may conveniently carry it in your luggage during travel so that you can charge your electronics either at the hotel that you shall be staying at or at the airport terminal if it is urgent. The AC outlets on this charger are effectively protected from surge. Additionally, it has a plug which rotates 360 degrees and four locking positions. Its design is not only effective for its purpose but also attractive. Another package that the Belkin USB Charger may come in is as the Belkin Dual USB Adapter. This adapter is adequately equipped to charge two USB devices at the same time. It also comes with both an iPod cable and a standard mini-USB cable so as to provide options for you as the buyer and also to cover all your needs. It is compact in design and easy to carry. This particular charger also has a bright LED light which indicates whether the charger is at work or not. When the light is on, the charger is working whilst when it is off, it is not. Belkin is a company whose brand that is trusted all over the world and this is added proof that their quality is top notch. They also turn out new products regularly and their sole purpose is to please the customer. The Belkin USB Charger is cost effective and a must-have for those of us who travel often.
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