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advantages of lipo guide -

by:ShunXinda      2019-10-02
One of the questions racing drivers often ask is the life of the charger used to power and power their Rc cars.Some people get into inevitable trouble while running, such as the RC car battery explosion.Not only that, the explosion can distract you while enjoying the fun of the game.It\'s so disappointing to suddenly stop your game.The faster heating of the battery makes the whole scene worse.To avoid this, I mentioned some basic guidelines here before charging your battery.Read on and learn more.Before chargingMost importantly, you need to check if your Lipo charger is working properly.Keep in mind that NiMh charger will not work if it is damaged.So, be sure to check before using.-When choosing a charger that provides long-term service, choose a charger that can sense peak charging.The quality of the charger must be your top priority.If the battery is fully charged, there is a charger that can be easily tracked.Look at the limitations of the charger.Consider your request and see if it meets your requirements completely.Your Rc car has a specific charger and Lipos.For example, for those who use the BL conversion, they have to choose 4S to 6 s Lipo.-Consider the limitations of the charger.Think about your requirements and think about how long you \'ve been running in a game.For example, those who use BL connections and 4S to 6 s lipo are suitable for them.On the other hand, for those who need 6 s bricks and a battery, they have to buy ice chargers for their RC cars.-Choose a charger with a high amp charging capability.Keep in mind that the high current charger is able to provide the required amount of amps.Because high amps are needed for fast charging.-In addition to the fast charging charger, choose the high power supply that can support it.In fact, most chargers do not have power.Ultimately, select a 12 to 15 VDC power supply at least above 15 am.Tips when charging generally, the rule of thumb for fast charging has two amps settings.The charger manufacturer recommends the right charging current to you.Enter the suggested amps to the charger.However, this can cause damage and stress to your battery.The safest way to charge an RC car is 1C.Most importantly, the Charger with the best function usually detects that the setting input of the charger is clear.It will show the obtained voltage as well as the amount of charge obtained and put into the package via mah.Finally, it also allows you to monitor the application of the number of amps and the balancing function of the application.
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