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Advantages of In-Car Chargers

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-31
What happens when you realise that your phone battery is low and your laptop is not charged, on your way to work? Do you run back home to charge them or suffer the consequences? Or do you simply plug them into your car and charge while you drive? Yes, the last option is more desirable. In-Car chargers are important due to this reason. Car chargers are compact and fit into small spaces. These usually charge multiple devices, so you can charge your mobile phone and laptop using the same charger. When it comes to laptops, some chargers are tailor made for the brand of the laptop and can be directly plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car. Some adapters convert the 12 volt DC from the cigarette lighter into 110 volt AC. You can buy a power cord that is compatible with your laptop and use it to plug into the lighter port. A universal adapter usually allows most brands and devices to be charged. They are called multi purpose chargers due to the multiple uses they offer and their flexibility. The Multi-Purpose charger from PowerStar is an in-car charger designed for people who travel frequently and on an everyday basis. It is compatible with mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, iPods, MP3/MP4 players, portable gaming consoles, Sat Navs and PDAs. What is significant about this charger is its power storage. It can hold up to 1 year of standby charge, able to manage up to 16 hours of talk time for mobile phones and is reusable. The Multi-Purpose charger can also be charged and used for charging at the same time, due to its duo charging ability. It has a discharge function too, along with one button touch power level checker. It indicates charging status and is easy to carry as it is lightweight and compact. Another versatile in-car charger for all your digital requirements is the Laptop Travel Charger from PowerStar. It delivers a number of output voltage options and is ideal to use in the car. Universal holder charger and USB Car chargers are some of the other choices available. Although you have the respective chargers for your digital devices, it is important to have an in-car charger that can charge these gadgets. After all, portable devices are meant to be carried around and what would be the point if you cannot charge them while you are on the go. Therefore buying a separate charger to use in the car makes sense. You will find that most of these chargers can be used for several devices at the same time.
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