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adv: need of the hour

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-26
If you are as big as me and have children or grandchildren, you will most likely be tempted to notice how different the world they grew up in is compared to when you are as big as them.
If you tell them what your life was like when you were young, they may be surprised by the difference at the time.
\"Although they are only in the middle of them
In their teens, they can remember that no matter where they go, people don\'t have their phones with them or Wi-
Internet and social media.
They often notice that just a few years ago, the \"slow\" computer we were frustrated with today was considered a \"fast\" computer.
While our world is always undergoing change, the pace of change is accelerating.
In recent years, many historians, psychologists and journalists have expressed concern about the rapid changes in our society.
They tell us that today\'s world is changing at an accelerated rate, unlike what has been witnessed by past generations.
Even if there is no need to worry, \"faster\" has become the standard way to do things today.
People now prefer to communicate by texting and \"tweeting\" because the information is getting shorter and the speed of writing and reading is getting faster and faster.
Due to the need for faster response and faster execution, we have begun to advance the technology to promote our best performance.
This technology has become an integral part of our way of life, and there is little we can do without them.
Over the past 30 years, global tech brands have become a major contributor to delivering technologies that support us in responding to the fast-growing environment in which we are all involved.
OPPO is one of such a global brand, since its inception, it has broken the boundaries in terms of technology and become a pioneer in providing customers with the latest technology.
OPPO F1 series, also known as \"self-timer expert\", is such a technology launched by OPPO Mobile Phone India. its operating system challenges the blink of an eye, passwords and passwords need more time to unlock than phones supported by locking and good battery backup and charging features.
The operating system that challenges the blink of an eye-
OPPO F1 Plus is equipped with Android Lollipop v5.
1 This is supported by an amazing fast and powerful Octa-
Core processor, 4 gb RAM and 64 gb ROM (
Scalable to 128 GB)on the all-new ColorOS 3. 0 system. The ColorOS 3.
For one reason, only I have set up the 0 system. e.
Reduce the time and effort to operate smartphones.
ColorOS 3 is designed in a flat, simple language.
The appearance of 0 is neat and refreshing, greatly reducing the built-in-
In the image library, the efficiency and speed are improved.
Passwords and passwords that take more time than locking to unlock-
There is a growing demand for security and privacy.
However, at the rate we are moving forward, no one appreciates the difficult passwords and complex patterns because they take more time to get in and out.
Keeping this in mind, OPPO F1 Plus has a lightning-fast smart front fingerprint sensor built in to recognize the fingerprint and unlock the phone with only 0. 2 seconds.
They also have a real test to prove this.
More batteries, less time.
Advanced technology requires good battery backup and charging capabilities to support, but some brands have ignored this and it will take quite a while now.
On the other hand, OPPO provides users with a new VOOC charge that works through micro USB and USB typesC ports.
The VOOC Charger reached 75% of the power only after half an hour of flash charging.
Therefore, I think it can be said that the current demand is not a smartphone, but an intelligent technology that can improve our productivity and strengthen our future development.
The OPPO as brand demonstrates the courage to take risks in these areas in order to bring products of the future, not only to make life easier, but also to help keep up with the times of rapid change and the need for faster change.
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