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adrian weckler: my five top tech gadgets that will make travelling easier for everyone

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-21
There is a scene in 2009 movies, and the character of George Clooney tells a scene of airport security, pointing out the scene --
The queue moves faster with the story logo.
The scene resonated with many regulars.
But this is not the only shortcut.
For travel, the best gadgets and work technology tools are completely different from everyday life.
As a person who has traveled a lot recently, I think I have found the most effective, useful and comfortable technology equipment in my trip.
Here are five.
For tech products and accessories, I will not leave home at the moment.
If you use your phone like I did during a meeting or flight, a backup power device is essential.
This is the most useful and reliable one I have found so far.
It\'s about the size of a big phone, twice as thick as it is.
It is equipped with a mini cable for iOS (iPhone, iPad)and Micro USB (
Android phones, other gadgets).
It allows you to charge two devices at the same time, one of which can speed up the charge.
Most importantly, its 12,000 mAh capacity means you can charge the iPhone 6 s five times.
In a relatively small package, this is a big reserve.
It is also cleverly designed with a flip cover that will allow you to stand upright on your phone or tablet (
For example, watching movies)
When charging
If you\'re looking for peace and quiet in commuting noise, there may be no better accessories than this for noise --
Cancel headphones
The soft leather makes them light and comfortable, and the leather blocks a large grilles --
Thanks to their technology, by your side.
Open them (
They are charged via a micro USB connection)
The real feeling is that you are re-controlling your environment.
The audio quality is also very good.
On-board microphones also mean that you can use them as a wireless Bluetooth phone headset.
In their own case, they even fold up for the convenience of transportation.
I \'ve been a MacBook Air for the last five years (11-inch)
Devotees during the trip occasionally switch to Microsoft\'s Surface Pro.
But recently I found the iPad Pro to be the most in my bag.
One important reason is that I can charge it with any of a few power supplies --up devices (
Techlink 12,000 above).
It\'s also light enough to fit into a bag more easily than almost any laptop (
Even the MacBook Air).
As a working device, it is suitable for me.
I mainly need it to write quickly on it (
I used Apple\'s iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, which is very good although it costs 179 euros.
This is unmatched for leisure.
For Netflix and video users, it\'s high
13-amazing terminal speakers
Inch screen makes it topof-the-
Range entertainment units.
The only occasional compromise is that it is sometimes not as sturdy to use on the legs as a laptop.
However, this is not enough to negate its other superior attributes.
Unlike a mobile phone or laptop, a camera is a luxury.
However, for personal and professional reasons, I still like to take a good one with me while traveling.
I am now choosing the Lumix LX100 from Panasonic.
It produces almost the best photos (and videos)
You can go in your pocket.
Small size camera with minimal impact on my package space.
Its lens is great, the zoom range is very good (
From 24mm to 75mm)
Slightly bigger than a small camera.
It can also connect wirelessly to my phone for immediate upload.
In the end, it should not be underestimated. it is a beautiful object in itself, mostly metal, and it is really good to hold it in your hand.
This is something I always wanted to pick up and use.
I always find it hard to find a good gadget.
Friendly travel bag.
The overnight model is too big to take with you once you get to where you\'re going.
What I\'m looking back at is Streamline 250 for Lowepro.
It\'s perfect: light, water-
Resistant, there is a strange trick that is slim and spacious.
I can put all the other things I mentioned in this column into it, and there is room for books, toiletries and a change shirt.
I can still bring it if I\'m going to three or more days because it\'s compact enough to fold into a big bag.
It has several different internal and external pockets and zipper sections, while the main part of the interior also has padding.
Very practical.
Although I bought mine at the Best Buy store in Chicago, it is available on Amazon. co. uk.
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