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adrian weckler: budget to work hard and save big with a cut-price phone

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-07
A month later, Apple will release the latest iPhone, triggering an annual wave of upgrades and a list of holiday wishes.
But rival smartphone makers quietly released a bunch of different, almost equally interesting smartphones this summer: the powerful ultra-budget models.
Nokia, Motorola and Huawei have led the trend with modern phones that look and feel expensive, but sell for less than 200 euros.
Here are the four best budget models.
Motorola has become a standard in the past four years.
The flag bearer of a good budget smartphone.
It does this with its \"g\" series of phones.
The G6 series is no different: you spend only a fraction of your money on larger devices to get a very practical modern smartphone.
There are actually three in the G6 range, but I think the most useful is the cheapest-the G6 Play.
This is because it has a feature that, in some type of power, is almost above all other features --
User: battery life.
The phone\'s 4,000 mAh battery price is almost double that of some phones.
Even the breeze passed through the top.
Terminal flagship devices including Samsung S9 Plus (3,500mAh)
And Apple\'s iPhone 8 Plus (About 3,000).
Only P20 Pro from Huawei
Up to 850 euros
It can match the new expensive of this cheap smartphone to extend battery life.
In practice, the extra
The long battery means you can skip charging for two days or, if you hammer your phone like I did, it will definitely last you all day. It has a 5. 7-inch screen (
Almost as big as Samsung S9)
Moreover, although it is not as good as a high-end mobile phone, it doesn\'t matter.
For anyone who doesn\'t fill the device with photos and videos, its 32 gb internal storage is the minimum acceptable standard.
In any case, you will not be tempted because of the 13-
The factory is running a multi-pixel rear camera.
It does have one (rear-mounted)
Secure fingerprint sensor and traditional 3.
5mm headphone jack.
Remember 10 years ago, Nokia had an amazing 80 pc market share in Ireland, and now it\'s back.
Its goal is the \"value\" end of the market and it\'s hard to see anyone doing better now.
While its \"7 plus\" phone is probably the best big phone overall
Currently, you can buy a screen phone under 400 euros, just-launched 3.
For the money, a model is a pretty incredible deal. The 5. 2-
The inch phone looks and feels like a smartphone at two or three times the price of a smartphone, and many features were considered high-end years ago.
The design is a high point with a smooth metal frame on the side and a glass display with a slight bend on the side.
It omits things like the fingerprint sensor, but keeps the beloved headphone jack, thus reducing the cost.
It has a reasonable 13-
Rear camera and 3,000 battery.
Like many of Nokia\'s Android phones, it uses Android One, and it avoids most of the \"Skins\" that manufacturers usually try to cover on Android phones, which are mainly out of the way.
Processor and Ram memory (2GB)
This is basic in this device, so if you rely on your phone to quickly and continuously complete the task, you may notice that it is a bit slow from time to time.
Casual users will not see this though.
Instead, they will notice that the overall performance of the phone is very good.
This is probably one of the last new phones we will see released with the old Micro USB power connection (
Instead of an updated USB-C one).
The advantage is that the micro USB cable is rich and cheap.
Huawei recently replaced Apple as second
The largest telephone manufacturer in the world (behind Samsung).
Not only did it do this on flagship devices like P20 Pro, but it did a great job on budget models.
Besides Nokia 3.
1 and Motorola\'s G6, Huawei\'s P Smart is the best budget smartphone you can buy now, and is customized
Designed for those who want a larger screen without paying more. Its 5. 7-
Inch display means you can scroll email, documents and social media more fully than smallscreen devices. (A 5. 7-
Inch screen larger than 5-25 pcinch screen. )
The design of this phone is not exciting as it looks like any other normal smartphone.
But the phone is enough and small and lightweight.
It includes a fingerprint scanner but selects a micro USB port instead of a new USB-C variant.
The 3,000 battery on this phone is moderate and will never let you watch it the next day.
For a non
The flagship device, 32 gb model, has two rear cameras (
Although the second 2-
The Pixel camera is used to guide the first lens, not to become the second unique telephoto lens as on the iPhone).
Its selfie camera is eight pixels.
The quality of the photos is not bad, but it is definitely comparable to other phones in the price range.
If you need a big phoneOr the second one)
This is a good choice.
We are not used to treating the iphone as a \"budget\" device, but the current SE model is almost qualified.
This is one of the best for money
With the most powerful smartphone, you can buy it right away.
Its main compromise (
Although it is really the choice of design)
It\'s its screen: at 4 inch, it\'s the smallest display you can get in any major phone brand.
This means that it is not very good for watching videos or TV, and may not be good for long surfing through social media or email.
On the other hand, it is much easier to handle and operate with one hand, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of large smartphones.
No thumb. strain here.
Some people think that iPhone SE is the most beautiful phone Apple has ever produced.
It is very unique.
The standard storage capacity is 32 gb, which is reasonable.
The IPhone SE also has an excellent 12-
A megapixel camera is better than any other smartphone in price.
It also runs a powerful processor (
A9, same as on iPhone 6 s)
The latest iOS interface can be run, similar to any larger iphone.
Unlike larger numbers, SE also keeps the headphone jack.
For those of you who seem to be confused about the shiny black tablet that makes up 99 PCs of all the new smartphones, whatever the manufacturer, this is a real, modern, powerful alternative.
There is only one thing to remember --
Apple may update the model when it launches its latest iphone in September.
So while this generation of SE phones is likely to keep up with iOS for at least two years, Apple is likely to launch more momentum in a few weeks.
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