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Accent Pieces For The Dodge Charger

by:ShunXinda      2020-09-01
When one thinks of 4-door performance sedans, car-savvy individuals will normally think of the offerings from the leading German manufacturers. And any of these cars like the BMW M5, Audi S6, E63 AMG or even the Maserati Quattroporte offer performance that rivals that of sports cars, while being delivered in a practical package. With any of these cars, one can take a thousand-mile drive in comfort, while tearing along at a (very) rapid pace. And you can take family or three of your friends along, with several pieces of luggage while doing so. Lost in the mindshare these cars have in the minds of enthusiasts is the very compelling Dodge Charger. At thirty or forty percent of the price of the cars enumerated above, the SRT version of this domestic offering has the combination of power, handling and luxury features that make those cars from across the sea so desirable. And it's unique enough to make you stand out and attest to your individuality. The Hemi engine it comes with is famous all over the world. Brembo brakes are standard, which is an upgrade kit for even the German cars. Shifting, if you choose to do it manually, is via steering paddles ala F1. And it's even got adaptive suspension that stiffens the car's shock absorbers when it senses pre-determined levels of driving aggression and steering inputs. 20-inch wheels, body-hugging seats and a top-notch infotainment system round out the sweet package. And not least is the fact that maintaining a Dodge Charger will be so much cheaper compared to the foreign makes. But like any other car one drives off the showroom floor, a touch of individuality is practically a necessity to distinguish your car from everyone else's. Since this high performance sedan already comes with a body kit from the factory, what an owner can do to is install accent pieces to the car, such as carbon fiber mirror housings and door pillar pieces. Actually, if you have the money for it, installing a carbon fiber hood would benefit performance because the much lighter part will help the car's acceleration and handling. And no one will stop you if you want a more aggressive-looking rear wing. With a car like the SRT Charger, you'd need the 900-watt sound system only for when you have a date. Because the sound that 6-liter V8 will make will be the best music to an enthusiast's ears.
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