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AC17500 Dual Brand Wireless AC Gigabit Router

by:ShunXinda      2020-09-02
The extreme gaming router built with the gamer in mind and loaded with features to get your game run smoother. High-quality media gamers and enthusiasts will get some left to be desired with this future-generation 802.11 ac router. Available with exclusive ASUS features such as AiCloud, AirRadar and ASUSWRT. You will experience superfast speed while downloading large files, movies and playing games. With the help of convenient and easy set up tools you can install and optimize it from anywhere. Access, stream and share different files with Aicloud having an unlimited amount of storage expansion. High powered antennas attached to AiRadar helps in optimizing the wireless coverage on the router. Along with fast wired and wireless connectivity, AC1750 provides exceptionally easy-to-use and fast installation. Get faster downloading and be easily online with high-quality components and next generation technology. Enjoy high-speed data transfer rate of 802.11 ac which is 3 times faster than 802.11 ac. In order to increase speed of all the devices near your home use AC1750 which runs at higher capacity bandwidth. Surf your web, watch and play at once without any clogging. Enjoy 5.0 GHz frequency at 1.3 Gbps using notebooks, tablets, desktops, smartphones and gaming consoles all connected to the Internet. Enjoy ASUS cloud experience to iOS and Android device with smart and easy mobile application. One can access, sync, stream and share different files from both the private and public cloud storage devices. Share your files easily and quickly by USB flash drive or external disk with integrated file server. AiRadar uses a high-powered beam packaging and amplification to provide optimized signals in any direction. This will gives you better coverage and improved data. Simply power on the device and connect the router to power adapter and imnternet modem in your home. For a wireless streaming connect your computer, smartphone or tablet from the AC1750. Open any browser on your device and enter the login id from your internet provider and get your network easier than ever. Monitor, setup and control network applications in all intuitive area with ASUSWRT. The brand new dashboard interface helps you manage all clients and settings with the help of single graphical interface. The high quality service Qos standards built into the AC1750 which helps in selecting prioritized bandwidth for virtually any task whether you are streaming Hd videos or logging into battle enemy players around the globe. Set up a VPN server easily featured with MPPE encryption for easy browsing and accessing data no matter where you are.
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