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A Single Gadget That Can do The Work of All The Rest

by:ShunXinda      2020-09-02
Whenever we step out of our dwelling we have to take so many gadgets with us, such as calculator, camera, music players, gaming devices, laptop, internet devices, mobile phone and many other things. Sometimes it is not easy to take so many things and their chargers or accessories, with us, especially when we are travelling and when there is no place to charge our cameras, laptop and gaming devices etc. But now I have a solution for all these problems. Would you like to know what I do? I only keep one gadget with me that serves the purpose of all the other gadgets that I need. I don't take a separate calculator, jotter, 'Things to do' notepad, phone book, pocket calendar, camera, pocket internet device or dongle, laptop and other things. What I take with me is just a mobile phone and a charger. However, if I am going somewhere by my car then I don't even take the charger. I use a car charger for my mobile phone to keep it full of juice. It saves me from getting late as I do not have to run around the house finding my things and making sure that I have not forgot anything before leaving my place. There is no need to buy a camera! One is likely to forget taking extra memory cards, charger along with the camera when going out. For instance, last year I went on three months vacations. Unfortunately, I forgot taking the charger along with me. I only managed to take a few snaps and shoot just an hour video when the battery became low and I could not locate any shop from where I could purchase another charger for my Nikon camera. On my return, I sold my camera and used mobile and bought a used iPhone Smartphone! The iPhone was not that expensive and since it was previously used, it had many of my favourite songs and mobile apps. Isn't it a nice idea of saving money? What about Professional photography? Mobile phones like iPhone Smartphone and BlackBerry handsets are equipped with nice cameras that provide excellent photography functions and results. So there is no need to have a separate camera when we can take photos and capture videos by using a Smartphone. Now you must be wondering that professional cameras sensor is more powerful than that of mobile phones. Not any more, as PureView a latest Nokia Mobile features a 41 mega-pixel camera. Yes, the PureView mobile phone's camera is a lot powerful, far better than many professional cameras available in the market. Mobile phones can be your internet device: We do not need a separate internet device when we can use the internet on our mobile phone. It is easy to take photos and upload them on Facebook via mobile phone, instead of taking photos and then transferring them to laptop pr desktop PCs through a data cable and then upload them on the social networking websites. Watch TV on your mobile: Do you often miss your favourite TV shows when you are on the go? I used to refuse to accompany my family when they used to go out as I didn't want to miss my TV shows. But now I can watch TV on my mobile so I have no problem is going along with them. I watch the shows while travelling on the road and also on the train. Can your Laptop fit your pocket? My mobile phone does! My smart phone has all that a computer has to offer. I do not use a laptop as it not easy to carry it everywhere I go. My mobile phone fits my pocket and I take it wherever I am. I can read and reply my emails, view my files, browse the internet and do everything that people do on a laptop.
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