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a pint in the pocket

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-07
If the cute named Sprocket pocket-
Size printer, still alive, you can almost imagine a lively impish creature jumping out of your bag and performing a bunch of stupid stunts throughout the room.
This is HP\'s handheld computer.
Size of portable instant printer.
It takes you back to 80 after almost retro
The quality of Polaroid printing.
So it\'s not for serious photographers, it\'s for a group of kids (
Or adults who let go after leaving the office).
How it works. The printer weighs 172g and is a bit bigger than your Altoids box, so will sneak into any handbag or handbag.
It has three colors: white, black, red.
Charge with a micro USB cable and download the app on your phone (Android OS v4.
4 and above and iOS v80 and higher)
Connect the two devices via Bluetooth and you are ready.
Then, load 2 \"x 3\" Zink stickiness-
Put the paper back into the slot and place the blue smart paper at the bottom of the pile; print.
If you count 10 print sheets out of the package and find the charger adapter plug, the process takes 10 minutes.
You can \"extract\" photos from mobile gallery, Facebook, Instagram and Google. Zink, zero-
Ink technology, for you to print, you can also use as a sticker.
Each piece of paper is embedded in a dye crystal that presents color when exposed to high temperatures.
Because they\'re hot.
Sensitive, you don\'t want the picture to be exposed to high temperature after printing, so as not to see the color change. They are water-
Tear resistantproof though.
The goal of HP Rocket is millennials, who apparently want to take selfies to a new level, print them out, and post them all over the place.
But reshaping memory and keeping my heart is the label that the device sells, and that\'s where the real beauty lies.
This is for all the stupid moments you capture and want to share-not through social media, but with a group of real people, depressed and refreshed when you meet and take pictures
Pop-up device, print good time to friends in about 20 seconds.
It\'s great to fiddle with borders, filters, text boxes and stickers, but it still works even without these.
When used, the filter prints a bit flat in the middle
Better than close shooting. ups.
But you\'re not using these in art.
Horizontal photography.
The price is not cheap when you need itIt, at 999, but if you have young children in a \"responsible\" era, perfect for your child to announce at 10. m.
Some pictures need to be bought and glued to the notebook.
Search them on Google, print and paste.
This may take you less than 10 minutes and will save you from another reason --didn’t-tell-me-Previous lecture
It\'s also useful to make a moodboard for a house when you re-decorate it, or when you want small patterns to go to Diwali or Christmas gifts.
Should you really buy it?
Like a selfie stick, you may not buy it for yourself, but it\'s a great gift, especially when it\'s a milestone birthday, you can take it out of the package and print it out immediately.
Also like a selfie stick, it could be easier to use than you know.
Get it on Amazon.
If you want.
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