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A New Way to Quit Smoking With Disposable Electronic

by:ShunXinda      2020-09-02
A New way to quit smoking with disposable electronic cigarettes Since the ban, on cigarette smoke in many businesses and buildings it has prompted people to try to stop. Lung cancer is nothing to be laughed about. Companies have come out with disposable electronic cigarettes to assist in helping you to quit smoking. Yet there is a need to do something with your hands, this is perhaps the answer you have been looking for. These cigarettes have electronic cigarette cartridges that provide the relaxation and sense of smoking without the tar, and second hand smoke. It even has nicotine like a real cigarette. They look real and feel real in your hand. They are not flammable, so there is no possibility of dropping it and causing a fire, for those that often fall asleep with a lite cigarette in their hand. The disposable electronic cigarette is comprised of three parts. First is the nicotine cartridge these have different levels of nicotine for those trying to stop completely. They also have regular and menthol tastes. Next is the atomizer chamber this is electrically heated by a battery to a temperature that will vaporize the nicotine liquid. It is then drawn though the cartridge and inhaled like a real cigarette. The next part of this electronic cigarette cartridge is the battery. It is a rechargeable this section is where it turns on and off the device. The sensor detects when it is being puffed on. When it is activated the nicotine goes through the atomization chamber and is vaporized, then passes through to the smoker. You start with the starter kit, putting it together is as easy as screwing the cartridge to the battery and removing the seal cap. It is now ready to smoke. Make sure with the starter kit that the battery has had a full charge before using. A Starter kit consists of 2 batteries, 5 nicotine cartomizers, 2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. Refill kits consist of 5 nicotine electronic cigarette cartridges, which is the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes. The disposable electronic cigarette comes in gift packages and can be bought separately or with an auto refill. They are eco-friendly as there will be no butts left on the ground or floor. No smelly ashtrays to be emptied. People with allergies will thank you for switching. There will no longer be the smoke smell on clothing or your skin. Say good bye to the repainting the ceilings where the cigarette smoke used to discolor it.
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