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A Brief Introduction of UV Water Sterilizer

by:ShunXinda      2020-09-03
As the 'blood' of cities, the 'lifeblood' of industries and even more important condition to sustain life, water plays a pivotal role in our life and in the society. Pathogens use water as a media to spread diseases. By radiating microorganisms in the water for a curtain time, the nature of essential component DNA in the ribonucleoprotein, of which germs depend to survive, will change as a result of a substantial absorption of ultraviolet radiation. Consequently, numerous deaths would be caused by destroying physiological activity of germs. Ultraviolet disinfection is an environmental-friendliness method that is recognized worldwide for sterilization. Unlike the other methods, it is characterized by pure physical, which means that it does not produce second pollution or change the chemical and physical properties of materials. For this reason,, UV water sterilizer have found a wide utilization in potable water industries, beverage plants, food plants, wastewater treatment plants, semiconductor companies, pharmacy and war industry and so on and so forth. Good results are always obtained from these business practices. UV sterilizer not only works as Sulfur dioxide generator, but also easy to safeguard and operate. In addition, the cost is much lower than the other methods. UV water sterilizer adopts UV-C ray from specially designed high strength and efficient long-life UV-C ray generator to irradiate water. DNA of cells and structures of bacteria as well as virus become damaged, and it is impossible for cells to regenerate when the bacterium suffered from certain amount of UV-C rays' radiation. So that achieving the goal of disinfecting and filtering water. Besides, the spectrum with a wavelength of 185nm enables to break down the molecule of organic materials in the water and produce a chemical to convert organic materials to CO2 and thus reaching the goal of removing TOC. There are four major advantages of UV sterilizer. Firstly, with merely one to two seconds, it is able to efficiently kill 99% to 99.9% germs. Secondly, ultraviolet boasts highest broad-spectrum and this make it capable of destroying nearly all bacterium and viruses effectively. Thirdly, the sterilizer will by no means render second pollution or change the composition of water since no chemicals are added into the equipment. Fourthly, UV sterilizer operates safely and reliably comparing with the traditional disinfection technologies like using chloride or ozone. Such disinfectants are toxic, flammable and explosive substances. UV sterilizer system, however, doesn't have the security threat.
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