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9 healthy father\'s day gifts for dads

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-04
Whether dad likes to sweat in the gym or on the open road, he can stand up and improve his health.
Or maybe he just likes some time to relax and relaxcompress.
Good health to you-
Find inspiration for your guy.
Combination of health and stress monitoring, tink é ($119)
Track and measure heart rate, breathing frequency, oxygen and stress levels to let dad know if his body is ready for the event and how his activity can improve his fitness level.
He can also share his Health on Facebook, create a network, and learn how his score compares to other users.
Tink é is compatible with iOS devices and iPhone 5.
It is available in the store. zensorium. com.
Maximum pressure?
Mental balance ($99)
You can help your man control his stress level by guiding relaxation techniques.
The earlobe sensor reads the pulse using any iPhone or iPad and then develops a custom breathing sequence.
Available at www. heartmathstore. com.
Exercise, listen to music, and answer calls completely wirelessly using Denon\'s Sports Freak headphones ($149).
These headphones are light-weight, sweat-proof, equipped with a mesh suitcase, a micro USB cable to charge the battery, and four sizes of antibacterial silicon ear tips.
But in America. denon. com.
Are there healthy nuts? With Bulu Box ($10/month)
Dad can learn about the new brand by offering four to five servings of vitamins, supplements and health products a month.
If he likes these products, he can get bonus points by sharing, receiving surveys and subscribingsized versions.
Available in bulubox. com.
Dad can analyze and record his GolfSense golf swing statistics to any mobile device ($129. 99).
Simply connect the motion sensor to the Velcro strap of any glove and GolfSense can send data wirelessly. Then get real-time, in-
Deep 3D motion analysis of acceleration, speed and position and tips on how to improve.
The data is stored in the GolfSense cloud and can be synchronized with other mobile devices.
Available in golfsense.
I, Apple store, Best Buy and golfsmith. com.
Headphones for AfterShokz Sportz M2 ($79. 95)
Not only can help dad stay active, but also be safe.
Unlike traditional headphones, AfterShokz rested outside the ear, passing the sound of stereo quality through the skull to the inside of the ear.
So instead of flooding all the noise around with music, he will hear traffic nearby, talk to a fitness partner, or hear your child cry.
Also, use in-
Pause the line microphone for music or answer the phone.
Available when Aftershokz. com.
Dad can go on the road and send the bike app data and workout information wirelessly from his iPhone to the RFLKT Bike computer ($129. 99).
The device installed on the handlebar allows you to navigate the screen, start and stop intervals, play music, and control the app.
The computer does not need to be charged and the battery life is one year.
Available in wahoofness. com.
Smartwatch of pebbles ($150)
Give Dad access to his playlist without pulling out his phone, answer the phone and track his time and speed.
Pebble smartwatch is compatible with Android and iPhone and can be customized by letting dad check emails, get to know the weather, visit apps like Facebook and Twitter.
Available when Getpebble. com.
For fathers who love his wine and all the heart health benefits, the tasting room at Lot18 makes choosing it a custom experience.
How this works: Dad got six miniature bottles in the wine sampler kit to try and evaluate.
He then gets a unique wine profile so he can select 12 full bottle cases.
The wine tasting room also offers advice on ordering wine while dining out, food matching and advice on other areas and grapes. $9. Mini of 95
Wine tasting bag. $84.
49 and club delivery. Tastingroom. com.
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