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8 best solar chargers

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-24
The solar charger means that you can keep your USB device full of juice while using a sustainable power supply without having to rely on a power supply or battery.
A new round of Chargers appeared on the market. Some are ultra-
Portable, pocket-
Size options while others are larger and more powerful
You can go camping trips or any place where the electricity is not good.
When you\'re looking for the right solar charger, consider what you\'re charging with it.
For example, the iPhone can charge twice as fast as the Samsung Galaxy, so the owner of the latter wants to see a charger with a higher, faster Wh output.
The easiest way to compare them is the ratio of power to smartphone battery life or Wh output.
About 10 Wh is enough to pay a slower fee (
For example, it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes for 12 watts to charge the iPhone 6), while 100-
200Wh is a superquick power-up.
With all these solar chargers, real sunshine is needed.
But it\'s okay if it\'s cloudy-
What gives life to the charger is ultraviolet light.
You can trust our independent review.
We may get commissions from some retailers, but we never allow this to affect from the real-
World testing and expert advice.
This income helps fund the news work of independent news agencies. 1.
Travel Solar Charger: £ 24.
95, mobile solar cell, you can leave this button with just one on/off button touch. It’s a pocket-
Size of dual power unit and solar charger.
We recommend charging via USB and using solar energy as an auxiliary method for this charging.
With two USB ports, you can charge at the same time while keeping a close eye on the battery using the four designed batteries
Indicator light.
Store your power for a period of time or power-
Immediately rise when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
Charging with a USB power supply or 25 hours of UV, it takes 5 hours to fully charge at a time, enough to pay for about 3 smartphone charges. Buy now2.
Little Sun charge: 79.
64, CeleryThe ultra-
Portable Little Sun charging is crowd-
Funding ideas for last year\'s results.
Among them, the output (12. 5Wh)
About the size of the DVD.
A single USB output allows you to get instant charging from the sun, with a five-hour charging time of two hours in the sun
Power is worth it for Android or iPhone.
While it\'s not super powerful, it\'s ideal for a day trip away from power. Buy now3.
Voltaic Amp solar charger:
35, AmazonIn we believe that this is one of the most pleasing solar panel USB chargers.
A wallet with you
Small tool of the size, you can tie it to the belt.
With compact design and threeto-
The ratio of Android/iPhone charging to time exposed to the outside is an efficient kit.
It also features a waterproof and polyurethane coating that provides additional protection.
Including V15 USB battery and MicroUSB cable. Buy now4.
Voltaic 6 w charger: £ 118 give you a 4-to-
The ratio of smartphone charging to time spent in the Sun (or one-to-One tablet)
This is a very effective, lightweight gadget that is perfect for hikers.
About as big as a magazine, just clip the charger on the backpack while moving. With a zip-
Keep you awake
The charging equipment is well thought out.
Including V15 USB battery and MicroUSB cable. Buy now5.
Press: 49.
Like the size and weight of the iPad, it\'s a rubber
The case waterproof solar charger is designed for impact, so don\'t worry if you drop it down.
IPhone charging takes an average of three hours, which is the average speed in this list.
Compatible with all devices charged via USB, including LCD battery monitor, a versatile mid-
You can choose the price when you need to charge immediately. Buy now6.
Waterproof 15 w solar charger: £ 44.
95, mobile solar cell, waterproof, laptop
The size of the solar charger is more than double the volume of the ordinary satchel.
Power directly to your device or power supply group (
Purchase separately)
, It allows you to separate the USB port from the panel to a distance of one metre, so that you can put it outside while safely charging your phone through the USB port.
The 15 w charger applies the same power as the USB power outlet in direct sunlight and can charge both devices at the same time. Buy now7.
Solarpod solar panel 120 W: 449.
99, MaplinYou got what you paid for with this powerful, compact gear.
It produces 300
400wh on a sunny day (
From the point of view, the capacity of the iPhone battery is slightly higher than 5Wh, and the capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is slightly higher than 12Wh)
There is a 5 m cable between the crystal solar cell and your device, which makes it ideal for camping. Buy now8.
ISIS, 64.
99: solar technology for charging 1-the-
Move, this is a pocket-
A size device that can charge two gadgets at the same time.
There is enough output in one charge to provide the complete-
The smartphone is turned on three times, the MP3 player is turned on four times, and the tablet is turned on once.
Includes safe rubber case and wrap belt.
Buying nowverdict for its price, the travel solar charger is a very useful solar/power bank duo.
Small enough to put it in your pocket, it\'s a super
Easy to Buy, small.
However, for something more powerful (
If Solarpod 120 W exceeds your needs)
The waterproof Amp ic Amp is our choice.
The IndyBestproduct review is a fair, independent suggestion that you can trust.
In some cases, we get revenue if you click on the link and buy the product, but we will never allow this to affect our coverage.
These comments are edited through a mix of expert opinions and real opinionsworld testing.
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