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5 things shoppers should know about the 2019 toyota avalon

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-29
If you forget that Toyota Avalon is still one thing, you will be forgiven.
Toyota hopes to change that with the new 2019 Avalon.
This is a larger car that is sharper and more sporty, but will it cause dents?
We saw its live broadcast at 2018 North American International Auto Show, and Toyota looks ready to reposition the big sedan for a young buyer.
There are five things to know about 2019 Avalon: Avalon has a compelling new look and feel.
2018 the details of Avalon make it look like a corner brace
Corolla, the new Avalon has more horns.
Thin headlights with Lexus-
Like, the new grille is big but somehow it works.
At the back, Avalon has a taillight assembly that spans the entire tail of the vehicle, just like the modern Azera.
Avalon is different in performance
Four exhaust tips, which turn to excessive territory.
New Avalon with existing 3. 5-
Up V6, it goes through a new eight-
Automatic speed transmission.
Toyota did not release the specifications of the engine, but for reference it manufactured 301 horsepower and 267-
Torque feet in the output model. A drive-
The mode selector allows the driver to choose between Eco, Normal, and motion modes depending on the preferred driving conditions.
There is also a tour decoration that features adaptive variable suspension and adds motion and customization to the list of existing driving modes.
It also offers a hybrid model that takes advantage of Toyota\'s 2. 5-liter inline-
Four, a pair of electric motors and a nickel
NiMH battery pack.
Similarly, fuel economy data has not yet been released, but in Camry hybrid, this very similar power system runs 44 miles per gallon in the city and 47 miles on the highway,
Automakers are finally starting to take a course on interior design: \"have a better interior design than a cool looking interior design.
While Toyota has never been a big criminal for the user experience, its designers clearly want to make sure Avalon is ahead in cabin layout.
Clean, refreshing and simple interior.
The control is where they need it, and the tablet control panel provides additional storage space behind it.
There are five USB ports around the cabin, as well as wireless smartphone charging.
The seat looks very luxurious and there is plenty of legroom and clearance for the front and rear passengers.
Avalon comes with Entune month.
0 Plus, it has a big 9-
Inch touch screen.
The system was first deployed on 2018 Toyota Camry, and frankly, it is similar to the layout on 2018 Honda Accord, which is not a bad thing.
More importantly, Apple\'s CarPlay will be supported by this infotainment system.
Toyota is one of the few adopters supporting smartphone integration software, and its absence in Toyota products has been greatly criticized in recent years.
But with 2019 Avalon, Toyota joined the party.
As part of Toyota\'s remote connectivity system, Amazon Alexa can now use Avalon.
It will allow compatible devices to lock/unlock doors, check fuel levels, and even remotely start Avalon.
The system will also allow occupants to interact with the Interior
Amazon music and audiobooks are played at the same time.
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