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5 Considerations To Choosing Accessories For Your Kindle

by:ShunXinda      2020-04-30
One of the greatest devices I have ever used is my Kindle digital reading device. If you are looking for a great tool for school, work or just being able to take all your books with you in one compact device, then you should seriously look at getting a kindle. For all of you that have one already then you might know that for just having a little more convenience there are a few accessories you can add to enhance your device. Some of the considerations will be if you travel out of the United States, length of your cable, having splitters for running multiple devices along with your Kindle. There is also the quality of cables, not all cables are made the same, consider what your needs are and choose the right one that fits you. 1. If you are traveling out of the United States you might or might not realize that most countries run on 240volts. This is quit different than the standard 110volts in the US. If you are not careful you could damage your device if you do not have the right USB cable adapter that works in these other countries. There are a number of adapters you can get so be careful, most are made for specific countries only. The main ones are the United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU), and Australia (AU); these are the ones specifically for those countries. 2. The length of your USB cable may not be enough if you have a big area with everything spread out and not centrally located in one section. Most other USB cable extensions are 6ft. and this is usually long enough for most needs. 3. Connectors, if you do need to add more length and the one 6ft. cable is not enough you will need to get a Type A-male to Type A-female USB cable. This will allow you to connect multiple cables together for longer length and usually can be found in 6ft. lengths to 10ft. lengths. 4. It can be a pain to keep switching your USB cable from charging to your computer for syncing. That's when you should get at least two cables so you can just leave the charger hooked up, this will help save on wear and tear of your cables. 5. Quality is always a consideration and luckily it does not cost that much more for USB cables to buy better quality. I suggest you buy right the first time and just save the frustration and worry of your cable failing or deteriorating every year. There are many replacement cables out there but the one that is the Kindle replacement cable has been known to wear out after a year even if it is not touched very often. The outer coating seems to have issues. The Oriongadgets cable seems to have great reviews, there is also a GTMax micro retractable cable that is handy to keep your cable from tangling up all the time.
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