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3 Cheap Ways To Double iPhone Battery Life

by:ShunXinda      2020-09-05
It's no secret that the iPhone battery life is mediocre. Luckily, there are multiple ways to double your iPhone battery life without breaking the bank. Here we list the top three products on the market to double your iPhone battery life. Why settle with reducing your iPhone 4/4S's screen brightness, turning off features and functions, and constantly paying attention to the iPhone battery indicator? With these products you can actually double its battery life and enjoy your iPhone 4/4S to the fullest! $19 iPhone Battery Case [ 1500 mAh ] You probably intend to protect your iPhone 4/4S with a case anyways, so why not combine it with a battery? With a slighter larger profile than your typical case, it manages to be more durable than most cases, doubles your battery life and integrates a kick-out stand! $15 Universal Solar Charger [ 1350mAh + Unlimited Solar Charging ] If what you need is a backup and emergency battery, this charger cannot be beat! Not only will it double your battery life with the built in battery, but you can access the unlimited potential of the sun anytime. Charge it using the built in solar panel or through your computer, USB AC adapter or car charger with the included USB cable. Finally, it can charge any iPhone, iPod, iPad or any device with the appropriate USB cable! It is the ideal device to have when you're lost in a desert or stranded on an island! $10 - iPhone Battery Pack [ 1900mAh ] The classic battery pack gives you the best bang for your buck. It provides the largest backup source and is the cheapest of the three types. It can be charged by your computer via USB or through a traditional outlet. Just keep it handy for those long days when you need some extra juice to finish the day. So, it's now your turn. Which iPhone battery solution works best for you? Visit GadgetsFactory.com for 'Cool Gadgets, Free Shipping, Wholesale Prices & A+ Customer Service with a penchant for cheesy tech humor & videos.' As well, don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!
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