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2011 Dodge Charger Toronto Used Car Dealerships Sell

by:ShunXinda      2020-09-05
Ever heard of the saying, 'Some things get better with age'? Well, that axiom is best represented by the 2011 Dodge Charger. With a number of significant upgrades that managed to set it apart from the mess that debuted back in 2005, the 2011 model became the prime choice for full-body sedans the year it came out, which is why car experts here in Toronto believe that buying a 2011 Charger, whether new or used, is a smart thing to do. The Charger nameplate has been around for decades, and it has adorned several types of cars from different platforms. The sporty full-sized sedan released in 2005 brought back that particular nameplate and placed it on a vehicle that reminded Chrysler fans of the muscle car glory days. However, that Dodge Charger was merely a passable family car an image that the 2011 model corrected. Dodge designers managed to take a mediocre car and turn it into a significantly better one by addressing the shortcomings of the outgoing model. Engine and Performance The SE model of the 2011 Dodge Charger comes with a 3.6-L V6 that can put out 292 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque, while the R/T model had a 5.7-L V8 engine capable of 370 horsepower and 395 pound-feet. Both engines are rear-wheel drives that have a five-speed automatic transmission, but an all-wheel drive capability is available for the R/T model. Safety Safety features like airbags, traction controls, antilock brakes, and front head restraints are standard on all of the 2011 Dodge Charger models. Other safety options that you can get include adaptive cruise control, blind-zone alert systems, forward collision warning, and an alarm that goes off when pedestrians or vehicles are approaching while you're backing out of a space. Interior The car's basic layout didn't change much, which is a good thing as the classic layout was spacious with a lot of legroom. Dealerships that sell new and used cars Toronto has can tell you though that what was updated is the technology. Keyless ignition and entry, as well as an 8.4in touch screen navigation system adorning the dashboard reinforce the modern design. Driving Impression The big V8 available in the R/T model provides impressive acceleration, especially for a big car. Also, the recalibrated suspension resulted in a fine balance between comfort and handling. Overall, the 2011 Dodge Charger is fast becoming the most fun-to-drive family cars you can buy from dealerships that sell used cars Toronto has. As mentioned before, the 2011 Dodge Charger is a great car, whether bought new or used, so head on over to dealerships that sell used cars Toronto has. For more information, you can visit or
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