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1980\'s brick phone: bluetooth-enabled smartphone accessory lets you talk on the phone, \'80s style

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-29
Do you ever want your phone to make you look like a super
Maximum radical research?
Killer news, dude: Designer Brad Helmink created what he called the brick phone of 1980s, specifically designed to resemble those clunky early phones
Zach Morris was saved on Wall Street by Bell and Gordon Gekko.
Helmink is raising money to the public
Producing fat phones through the Indiegogo project, when the goal is reached, vintage phones are shipped to customers, you can expect to chatter on the phone while it looks like this: not including small soft hats.
Now, compared to your modern smartphone, the Brick phone feature in 1980s seems to be limited.
The problem, however, is that you are not actually giving up your iPhone or Android for this \"phone\": in fact, the brick phone of 1980s is not a \"phone\" at all, because if it is not connected to another device, it can\'t really make or answer calls.
Think about the brick phone of 1980s, which is a bigger, more stylish alternative to Bluetooth headsets, and you are closer to the actual function of the brick machine \"mobile phone.
As a matter of fact, like a Jawbone or plantrooper\'s headset, the 1980 brick machine is (
Enabled and can handle the audio of calls received and dialed on the actual phone.
Simply pair the physical phone with an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone via Bluetooth, and when you get a call on your mobile device, you\'ll be able to answer the call and make a conversion that looks like a modern
Oh, my God!
The physical phone on 1980s will be charged via mini USB with battery life up to 10 hours, which is plenty of time for you and your family boy to talk about Ollie North, corey Feldman Conro Corey Haim\'s relative career prospects, and Bob Dylan\'s drop in album quality after the slow car arrived.
Although the post-80 s phone will initially be in classic bronze, Melnick hopes to eventually offer gadgets of multiple colors (
Thinking: physical music video by Olivia Newton John).
Anyone can guess how you carry your smartphone and physical phone with you, though people will imagine a bag, a satchel or morethe-
Shoulder holsters may be involved.
If you have good memories of 1980, love Saved By The Bell, or live in Brooklyn *, you can promise to support the brick phone project in Indiegogo in 1980s, A $45 donation will make you one of the first models.
* While I have been informed that many of the initial orders will come from Brooklyn, this brick phone is available globally.
Below, take a look at Melnick\'s propaganda for the brick phone of 1980s and see what\'s going on.
Brad, that phone looks good. -
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