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10 tech necessities for travel: stay grounded while up in the air

by:ShunXinda      2019-10-01
Travel breaks the programming of our natural arrangements and is an easy scapegoat for not maintaining our health, productivity or communication.
Don\'t let the change of scenery spoil your New Year\'s resolutions-
Equip 2014 people with these 10 apps and gadgets to help make your travel experience exciting and productive.
Here is a list of 10 apps and gadgets recommended for the ultimate travel experience: 1)
Abandon the frenzy: in the digital age, passports are still a key simulation exception to our paperless world, tiling your passports together.
Although finger scanners and facial recognition are currently being used, travellers cannot travel International without this outdated brochure.
Avoid the last minute, \"I can\'t find my passport!
\"DIY digital boom.
Tile is one of the hottest projects on Kickstarter this year and is a matchbox --
Plastic square in white, medium size. This self-
Adhesive device equipped with GPS allows the use of low-for the owner\'s smartphone app and tile-
Bluetooth technology.
Can\'t you find your passport?
If the tiles attached to the back of the passport or the enclosure are prepared and equipped, the owner can find the passport on the map and remotely send a signal to the device that makes a sound, hoping to end the search-and-rescue.
This simple device is \"Find My iPhone\" for all physical items \".
No need to replace the battery or charge the tiles can be pre-
Order 2014 delivery in summer.
Travel tiles can keep your passport and check-
Luggage is always in your pocket. ($19.
$95 for a tile $59
85 pieces of four tiles. com)2)Rove hands-
Rove\'s free app provides an automatic travel log that tracks the user\'s movements via GPS, estimates travel methods, and inserts pictures to map maps and locations into the timeline.
The result is a beautiful visual travel diary.
No input required.
Is there a relative to inquire about the trip next time?
Just \"share\" from the app and ROV will link to the schedule of the trip by email --
Let the traveler enjoy the moment instead of taking the time to record it.
Want to keep your privacy?
The app is 100% private unless the user chooses to share. (
Free in iTunes Store)3)
Is the battery dead?
There are many options available on the market to bring extra juice for on-the-go charging.
Dark Reservoir beautifully designed equipment at the high end of the price frenzy, but in the pocket --
The size of the device will provide up to five charges for the iPhone 1.
5 charges for IPad mini and will charge for anything with micro computerUSB charger (
$129, mydarkenergy. com).
Innergie offers a wide range of prices and products
Batteries, including laptops. (
The price starts at $54. 99, myinnergie. com/store)4)
TSA approval: Vestergaard\'s \"Straw of life\" is described by Forbes as \"one of the ten things that will change our way of life\" to take this (empty! )
Water bottles on the road reduce the risk of illness and turn local tap water anywhere in the world into safe drinking water.
Filtration technology integrated into the life straw Go water bottle reduces the risk of bacteria and parasite water
Spread disease.
Through advanced filtration technology, water is forced through fibers that allow only clear water to pass, thus avoiding the consumption of contaminants. ($34.
Buy straw.
Or in selected retail stores)5)Viber App + (friend with)
Viber A runs on: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone)6)
Disease Map: Disease weather app, \"Doppler radar for disease\" iOS app for disease weather uses social status updates, natural language processing, and location data to classify map disease areas.
Avoid getting sick on the road by applying push notifications and highlighting maps of specific disease outbreak areas.
Disease maps can be filtered to maps that are important to a particular user and included in the \"disease alert\" or can be mapped according to the disease category, density, or proximity. (
Free in iTunes Store)7)
Sound of calming drugs: sleep phones, \"ear pajamas\" developed by family doctors to relieve sleep, sleep phones come with free apps that provide natural or white noise, provide users with a fraction of the cost of flight upgrades.
These comfortable wool accessories come with a built-in headset or an option for wireless Bluetoothenabled band. (
Original sleep belt for $39. Sleep phone. com)8)
Don\'t get lost in translation: Google Glass Word Lens is a popular smartphone app that offers frictionless translations of written text.
View the logo or menu through glass in any language, the app presents words in a real way
Through the glass lens, translate the time in English.
The technology could be the end of a translation dictionary, and as a bonus, the app uses glass\'s local storage and does not require a data connection.
With the proliferation of Google Glass devices, keep Word Lens on your radar. (
The glassware store is free, the smartphone is free, and the iTunes store is free for $4.
99 in Google Play Store)9)
Overcome power issues: the iBattz Mojo Slim Universal Travel Adapter for international travel brings a power adapter that does not need to be filled with swap accessories.
IBattz\'s Mojo Slim Universal Travel Adapter is less than an inch thick and covers 150 countries with both USB inputs and standard plug inputs for dual-device charging. ($39. 95, ibattz. com)10)
Smartphone soup: DSLR-
Like a smartphone camera, camera lens accessories have come a long way ---
But while traveling, there is a new hybrid option to offer higher quality photos and videos without additional equipment.
Sony\'s smartphone can connect the lens to shoot the video at 1080 p and bring the DSLR-
Features like pixels
Free zoom, this hasn\'t reached all of us yet-in-A smart phone($499.
99, free shipping, 25% discount for limited time. sony. com)
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